Reister, 40, died Saturday of injuries suffered from a fight at the Publick House in Southampton Village, where he worked a second job as a bouncer. Police say he was strangled by a rowdy patron on Aug. 7 and was placed on life-support at the hospital before his death.

The buzzing streets of Hampton Bays hushed at 10 a.m., and then the silence was broken with the steady thump of a bass drum leading a mum pipe band down Montauk Highway. Behind them, a motorcade of police guided a hearse under a 30-foot American flag suspended between the towering ladders of two fire trucks.

"Corrections officers came from all over the state and from adjoining states to support the family," said Vito Dagnello, president of the Suffolk County Correction Officer's Association. "Andrew Reister would have been the first person there for another family in need. He went out helping people, and that's what he stood for."