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    good places to be a border agent in NM

    im from minnesota and thinking of applying for the border patrol since they need tons of agents. I would consider NM because i like to hunt and fish and trees back country type stuff. I like snowmobiling but that would be a little to far south. If I choose NM as one of my preferences and i was lucky enought to get it what areas would be good place to live to where i could do those things i like to do. Any help would be great.


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    From http://www.honorfirst.com/stationlist.htm

    Alamagordo, NM
    Deming, NM
    Las Cruces, NM
    Lordsburg, NM
    Santa Teresa, NM
    Truth or Consequences, NM

    There are other stations outside of NM that you might be assigned to in the west TX area:

    West Texas/New Mexico – includes the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector (Del Rio, Bracketville, Carrizo Springs, Comstock, Eagle Pass and Ulvalde), El Paso Border Patrol Sector (El Paso, Alamogordo, Fabens, Fort Hancock, Ysleta, TX and Las Cruces, Deming, Lordsburg, Truth or Consequences, NM) and the Marfa Border Patrol Sector (Marfa, Alpine, Fort Stockton, Presidio, Sanderson, Sierra Blanca and Van Horn)

    You may want to check out the rest of HonorFirst.com for some very valuable info. And border patrol is Border Patrol.

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    Santa Teresa, NM

    I don't work for USBP, but I do work a lot with the Agents stationed there. Most of them live in El Paso, TX, which is a 20 minute drive. They are getting so many new people that the supervisors have to carry a name list of the people on duty. Anyways I was told that the moral is high and there is a lot of work. They have atvs, horse, intel and other details. They don't have the X's. Well they do but they have a little more mobility. If you get that area there is a bunch of outdoor stuff to do close by.

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    Wherever you go, bring lots of ammo.

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