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    Dealing with psycho neighbors

    This is actually a problem my father is having.

    He's lived at his house for several years next door to some pretty awful neighbors. The neighbors are a husband and wife. One time my dad's dog was barking a little bit because the electric company was at the other neighbor's house checking the meter and he always barks at people he doesn't know. She called him on his cellphone (no clue how she got the number) hysterically saying that the dog barking was keeping her from sleeping (it was 3 in the afternoon)

    This happened a few more times so my dad got a bark collar for the dog. But she would still call him, and call animal control saying the dog was barking even though he wasn't. Animal control basically said my dad did what he could and she needed to relax.

    This kept getting worse. My dad keeps finding grass clipping and limbs (there are no trees on that side of the yard) on the ground right next to the neighbor's fence, apparently thrown over by these neighbors.

    One time I happened to be driving by my dads house when I noticed the dog was loose and roaming the neighborhood. I picked him up and carried him home to find the woman poking around my dad's backyard (he wasn't home). I yelled at her and told her to get off his property or I'll call the cops. Thats when she claimed that her cat "was being cornered in our back yard by the dog". This dog is old, has arthritis, he couldn't chase a cat if he wanted to, plus we have never seen this cat she claims to have in the 4+ years my dad has lived there.

    Most recently my dad came out of his house to find dog poop smeared all over his car windshield, the poop couldn't have come from his dog because he's kept securely in the back yard. We also keep finding things in his carport moved around. We also suspect the lady may have tried to poison the dog because he found the lid to the container not on correctly and a weird smell coming from the dog's bowl about the same time that the dog got really really sick.

    We're leaving for a week long trip. I'm setting up hidden cameras to try to catch these people in the act of doing something. If we come back and find that they did something, what is his legal recourse? Can he get a restraining order? Can they be arrested?
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    Getting it on video is a big step in the right direction. Without some form of proof, everything is just speculation. Although you suspect the neighbor, you have no way to prove it. There isn’t much LE can do at this point, except take a report. Once you have proof, you can get an injunction against the neighbor. Around here it would be a civil matter because there have been no criminal statutes violated. At most, you have mischief or misdemeanor trespass if your property is posted. Once you get an injunction against the neighbor, violation of the order would then be a criminal act that could result in arrest and prosecution.

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    absolutely take a report, start the process, you need paperwork to back up your claims video is an absolute must.

    you have her on video + her doing stupid $Hiz = Ownage.

    mind you, what you do with the evidence and what can be done legally really sucks, this woman will never serve real time for this kind of stuff.

    i'm in the same boat and my house is on the market...it's just easier, and i don' have much invested in my current house since i bought it only 2 years ago. i know not exactly easier said than done but it just wasn't worth the aggravation for me....
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    All of the above is good, also go to the local PD and put a special attention on your home for the dates that you will be gone. Hopefully the police care enough and they will check your property on a regular basis during their patrols.

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