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    WI Personnel Partners Exam

    Hello all,

    I'm just curious if anyone has taken the WI Personnel Partners Exam? If so, how was it? Are each of the sections (math, spelling, etc) timed? Lastly, how long did it take you to complete it?


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    I have taken it a few times (sigh) - it's not terribly difficult. I don't think it is one of the timed ones, but I could be mistaken.
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    Meh, it's an easy test.

    Math, reading comprehension, writing, etc. It's timed, and I usually finish each section quite early, leaving me ample time to do... well... nothing. As far as total time to complete, I'd say about an hour, give or take. If it weren't timed, I could probably finish it in less than 30 minutes.

    Edit: Doh! I was thinking the POST exam. The WPP exam is NOT timed, except maybe for the 4 hour time limit and the memorization section. I believe you have 10 minutes to look at 3 or 4 different pictures, then you have to recall the information on the test. I can usually pull this test off in a little over an hour. By no means will you take the full four hours to complete it... it's not THAT long.
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