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    Atlanta Police Department

    Tried doing a search for the APD and came up with nothing every time.

    I was interested if anyone has had any involvement or experience with the Atlanta Police Department and what I can expect during the hiring process.

    I spoke with a recruiter today and after going over my concerns about me being DQed by the Clayton county Police Department (I intend on reapplying as soon as I am eligible again) I was told that i meet all of the APD requirements. Obviously if I get hired on with the APD i will stick with them.

    The Clayton County Police Department is by no means a small agency. I believe that in a larger agency one gains an exponential amount of experience rather than in a smaller one. I am a resident of Clayton County and the agency has an abundance of opportunities for those who are interested in a Law Enforcement Career. This agency is my first choice. No knock on the Atlanta Police Department by any means. I love the city of Atlanta. and If I can't be a Clayton County Officer I would proudly wear the APD badge for as long as they allowed me to.

    My point is the recruiter for the Atlanta PD that I talked to seemed very positive even after I told her why I was DQed from the Clayton County PD. I specifically asked her what the requirements for Driving record were and was told that I met their standard. She then asked me several other questions about criminal record (arrests, and such) and was very enthusiastic about me getting my application in ASAP because she wanted me to complete the process so that I can qualify for the next class.

    I am curious to know and I don't think that a Police Department recruiter is going to blow smoke up someones back side just to get them to apply but I also do not want to waste anyones time and effort. I am in a point in my life where I am ready finally to start a Law Enforcement career. If I do get DQed I plan on working my current job plus another to make ends meet until I can qualify with either department.

    Hopefully I have made sense. This old Infantryman is ready to accept the challenge and believes he is mature enough to handle the Law Enforcement career he has always wanted to have. Anyone with any incite into the inner workings of a Police recruiters mind and anyone with any experience with the APD is welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm sure you did, but did you look in the georgia forum? I've been in there and always see something about atlanta. wouldnt mind going there myself, but it's a bit far for me...right now at least.

    you're probably fine, but a recruiters job is to get you to apply. it gives them a bigger pool to choose from. that's why they have background investigations. this guy I know wanted to play baseball for this school that, at the time, was one of the best in the country. so he called the coach and talked to him and then coach said "yea, come on down." so he applied, got in, tried out, and got cut. coach didnt care, he just wanted a bigger pool of players to choose from. good luck.

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