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    Taser Laws in WA State

    I live in Washington state, obviously, lol. And my husband and I were considering purchasing one of the smaller Taser type defense items for me to have when I'm out alone. The model we were looking at, the Streetwise Stun Pen found on, is about the size of a marker, works as a flash light, and emits an 800,000 volt charge.

    I've tried to use google to research the laws here, but I'm rather confused. Nothing really seems to talk about stun guns/tasers and I've even seem some conflicting things on different taser sights. Do any WA officers know the laws regarding them? I wouldn't be interested in concealed carry, I would want to have it on my belt loop or out in the open so I could find it quickly, obviously.

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    First off, they are legal for citizens in the State of Washington. However, the law only specifically mentions tasers or stun guns in regards to using them against police officers. They *might* be considered a "dangerous weapon" as cited in RCW 9.41.250, but it doesn't mention it by name.

    If it is considered a "dangerous weapon" (which I believe it is), you cannot furtively carry with intent to conceal the weapon on your person. Basically, you cannot hide it on your person, it has to be out in the open. So it sounds like the way you plan on carrying it would work. Don't hold me to this, but that is all I have for you. Hope that is clear as mud.

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    There are local ordinances regulating possession and use of "electro-shock weapons" in some Washington communities.The Municipal Research and Services Center has information.

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