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    Concussions, Condition, & medication?

    I was a professional athlete for 9 years.

    I suffered 4 grade three concussions my last year. I was actually blinded temporarily my last one. This was in 2001.

    Over a year and half ago I felt it necessary to seek help for a condition that I was having.

    My Dr. recommended brain scans, Pet Scan, Eeg, etc...

    Subsequently, I have some brain scarring.

    The condition I developed was a very mild bi-polar I. This is the lowest level, and never affected work performance or really anything else. At times I would feel not my positive self, and other times a little keyed up.

    I am on medication for it but its not anti depressants... but anti-convulscants

    I have my first test the 31st, and second on the 15th and third early June, with different respective depts.

    I have been unable to ascertain if I am kidding myself even testing due to this. Some friends in the NFL have had similiar conditions.

    Will this immediately prevent me from getting in...

    I appreciate any input.


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    The biggest question is, will your condition effect your ability to work as a police officer? Don't think normal employment...remember that LE can be a high-stress, high-emotion, physically-violent job. Be honest with yourself about it.

    I also think you should discuss with your doctor whether or not your condition will be adversely effected by the stressors of the job. You should probably also discuss the possibility of an on the job injury (say, being assaulted) making your condition worse. I don't think that the minor bipolar disorder will disqualify you if it's controlled, but there are alot of other medical questions I'd want to have answered before I get into the job if I were in your shoes.
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    it's a tough one.
    but it'll be up to the med doc and psych doc...

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