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    Cargo Sticking Out Behind Vehicle With NO Red Flag

    In bumper-to-bumper highway traffic after dark this evening, I was changing lanes and noticed just in time that the guy next to me had about 4' of building framing lumber stuff sticking out behind his truck. He had NO flag or anything, to warn other drivers of his extra-long load. I have a snub-nosed minivan, and could collided with that stuff.

    A few miles down the road, darned if another guy wasn't driving with about 3' of ladder sticking out behind his truck - with NO flag, lights, or other notice.

    Isn't this illegal? Can you ticket people for this? DO you ticket for this? It can be dangerous, especially in the dark, and if you're directly behind them, you can't really guage the length of material that is sticking out behind.

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    It is dangerous but you indicated the magic length - 4'. Anything MORE than that, must have a red flag / daytime, red light / nighttime
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    Cargo sticking out

    Alabama is a major timber producing state, and we encounter many, many logging trucks. Alabama Law requires a visible red flag(day time) and a red light(night time) for any load protruding 4ft or more from the rear of any vehicle or trailer.

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    California Vehicle Code:
    Secdtion 24604. Whenever the load upon any vehicle extends, or whenever any
    integral part of any vehicle projects, to the rear four feet or more
    beyond the rear of the vehicle, as measured from the taillamps, there
    shall be displayed at the extreme end of the load or projecting part
    of the vehicle during darkness, in addition to the required
    taillamp, two red lights with a bulb rated not in excess of six
    candlepower plainly visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to
    the sides and rear. At any other time there shall be displayed at
    the extreme end of the load or projecting part of the vehicle a solid
    red or fluorescent orange flag or cloth not less than 12 inches

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