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    Certified vs Uncertified

    When i was filling out my Pre-Screen App for the local sheriff's department (Coffee County Tenn.) there was a section on what position i was applying for. I was basicly applying for anything (even deskclerk if i had to, to get a foot in the door) so i left the field blank. When i got there and was talking to the captain, I told him my situation, and how i wanted to get my foot in the door and get started in LE. He then marked "Corrections Officer (Uncertified)". Granted, it wasnt what i was hoping for, but you gotta start somewhere. Right?

    My main question is whats the difference between uncertified and certified. Im guessing a diffrence in pay scale and duties? Would i be able to become certified later on in my career (my ultimate goal is to be come a deputy)?

    Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

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    As in anything,you will have to get certified as a corrections officer.Then work your way out of the jail setting.Then you will have to get certified as a Deputy.I am pretty sure there will be pay increases for certifications.A detention spot is a good way to get your foot in the door.IMO everyone needs to spend some time working in the jail setting.

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    As far as I know you have to be certified in order to work in a jail or in a patrol setting. The difference is that when you get hired you will have to go to some sort of an academy before starting in the jail and someone else might already have that training(doubt it though) so they might look at that person instead of you because of the expense of sending you to an academy.

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    The certification to become a jailer or detention officer is much less training that the police academy to become a certified officer.

    Make sure you read through any contract that they may have you sign. Many agencies require a commitment of a few years before you go to the police academy.

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