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Thread: APB or BOLO?

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    APB or BOLO?

    What's the difference between the two terms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruciebruce
    What's the difference between the two terms?
    APB means All Points Bulletin - It may be just an announcement of say a prison break or catastrophy of some kind or it may be a want on a suspect. It is when they want "all points" to hear the information. It is also used in place of a BOLO by some agencies.

    BOLO means Be On The Lookout - this is more traditional and to some, archaic, for when a specific persson or vehicle is wanted in conncention with a crime or perhaos a key witness.

    Clear as mud?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruciebruce
    What's the difference between the two terms?
    They're effectively the same thing. The difference is usually a regional preference. Jargon varies all over the country. In the East, arresting someone is to "collar" or "pinch" him. In the West, we would have "ripped" him. Using the wrong term amongst practitioners usually identifies the speaker as someone who got their law enforcement training from watching TV.
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