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    Physical Agility Test

    What kind of physical agility test do they use for new york state corrections ?Also, do county corrections use the same? Is it cooper standards like the police officer pat?

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    I took the psych written test yesterday for NYSDOCS. This is the test according to the paperwork I was given.

    Element I - STAIR CLIMB: This task consists of safely going up and down one flight of stairs.

    E II - LADDER ASCENT: The candidate safely climbs to a height of appoximately 12 feet, the ladder encased by a standard industrial safety cage with an interior dimension of approx. 30 inches, until the designated rung is touched. The candidate then descends to the floor in a safe manner.

    E III - SUSPENDED DUMMY RAISE: A rescue dummy simulating a body weighing 120 pounds is hanging by a rope. The dummy must be raised vertically(three inches) until the noose pressure is off the neck and held there for a period of 5 consecutive seconds. The dummy must be raised by facing it and using the hands and arms (as in a "bear hug").

    E IV - BODY TRANSPORT: A 160-pound dummy is placed on a blanket. The candidate must pull the weighted blanket a total distance of approx. 30 feet.

    E V - OBSTACLE VAULT: This task consists of getting over a three foot high obstacle in a safe manner. Hurdling or diving are not permitted.

    E VI - DOOR LOCK and UNLOCK: This task consists of properly unlocking a standard use security cell door, using the assigned key, going through the door and re-locking the same door.

    E VII - LOAD and UNLOAD: This task consists of properly loading and unloeding a weapon, 4" revolver, observing all specified safety regulations. Live ammunition will not be used.

    THREE MINUTE STEP TEST: In addition the agility test includes an element to screen for cardiovascular disease: For 3 minutes the candidate will lift one foot at a time while stepping on and off a 12 inch bench at a rate of 24 times per minute. The candidate will keep pace with a metronome set at 96 beats per minute. After the 3 minutes of stepping, the cadidate will sit down and relax without talking. A 60 second heart count will be taken starting 5 seconds after the completion of stepping. There is no pass/fail on this test. Instead, EHS medical staff will consider the results of this test along with other aspects of the examination to determine if a candidate is capable of performing the essential duties of a Correction Officer Trainee.

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