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    Post CHP Incident Report Site

    This is a site a friend sent me that works for CHP. It's pretty cool, kind of like an on-line scanner... Though i'm told not everything shows up on here, some are too "sensitive" in nature.

    Anyone else have any sites like this for their department? Kind of fun to check and see whats goin on. (yeah...i know, i'm a groupie...so sue me )
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    By the looks of it... the CHP has an exciting day

    Here's a site for Newport Beach PD... I have this "fantasy" about working at this city during the summer months.... most CA cops know what I mean

    Newport Beach PD

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    The purpose of the CHP website is to provide real-time traffic information. The only things you will see on the site are things that could negatively affect traffic flow, such as accidents, blocked lanes, closed roadways, etc.

    Things like traffic stops, or especially pursuits, are NOT included.

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