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    California POST WAIVER- how hard is it for out of state Officer to get it?

    I am considering retiring from my current position as Detective sergeantCIB squad commander in New jersey, and trying to get hired as a lateral in Southern California and relocating. I need to continue to work even with my pension as I have kids in College, and i really don't want to do basic again after 26 years on the street. I have contacted Cal POST and have the Waiver forms....Just curious if anyone knows how difficult a process this is and how much time it will take. I am particularly concerned about the written test with California Law and how the firearms and self defense components work.....Any insight would be appreciated from my West Coast Brothers and Sisters... Also any depts in the San Bernadino / Riverside Area that might be looking for a good man?

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    I'm in Northern California. the process is not that hard as I have helped to teach a few of the courses...

    It's a 3 week course that is basically a refresher course. The firearms process is just to show you can effectively operate a handgun / shotgun. It' is not a qualification - they will tell you that the Department you go to will handle the qual there. the physical portion is a refresher on basic handcuffing, take downs and use of a baton. The rest is legal updates, domestic violence updates, watching videos, discussion, etc.

    There was one NHP (Nevada Highway Patrol) and a person from a Arizona city department there. The only "issues" they had were the terminology and codes (penal code section numbers) HOWEVER, the tests are not based on numbers / sections - for the most part.

    You should not have a hard time at this. Some Waiver courses are run stricter depending on the source you go through. You should be just fine. Good luck and welcome to the wacky state of Kali-land.
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    I don't know about the waiver process but my academy web site will give you all the notes you'll need to pass any POST test. Join the group and download all the files. The law in CA is really broken up and all over the place in the code so it is nearly impossible to learn by reading the code. My web site has it broken up just like in the academy and is very easy to learn with all the major sections tabbed off and such. All you'll need is Microsoft excell and word.


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