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    Looking for a holster for my Streamlight ProTac-HL

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to find a holster that will work with my Streamlight ProTac HL. I love this light. It's 600 lumens on high and offers a strobe and low light option. It runs on two 123 lithium batteries. While it's i inch body is standard with the other lights, the head of the light is a little longer than most.

    I purhcased a Blackhawk Gladius holster and thought it would secure in there, head down, but it doesn't quite fit. I liked that item, but after trying to connect it to my Safariland duty belt, it didn't seem to fit that well either. So it's going back to the store and I guess I'm looking for a Safariland open top flashlight holster. I didn't really like that because the head (light) is pointing up and I liked it pointing down. The way I would draw it would allow my thumb to be on the button on the back if it's pointing down.

    Does anyone carry this flashlight and if so, what holster do you use on your duty belt. We have all leather (no basketweave) and no snaps visible. The fabric holster that came with it is not an option either.

    Thanks for the info.


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    Have you looked at bianchi accumold elite compact light holder? It's an open design, I've been using it for a few years with no problems
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    I have the same light and I love it. I use a 5.11 ATAC XL holster and it fits secure in it and fits on my duty belt.

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    I wonder if the Surefire V70 polymer holster would work? I have been studying this light for some time. My only holdout is non-rechargeable. Wonder if anyone has tried 3v rechargeable batteries in it? I carry a SF E2D LED now with tenergy rechargeables that have been great; just rotate sets every few days.
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    I ordered that 5.11 ATAC Holster for my ProTac HL, and it arrived today, but it's tight as hell. Does anyone have one and do they loosen up a bit?
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