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    Police officer fatally shot near Sacramento

    Police officer fatally shot near Sacramento

    A police officer was fatally shot Tuesday morning in the town of Galt near Sacramento.

    The incident began as a burglary investigation after police received a report of someone leaving an apartment building with property.

    A Galt police officer responding to the scene near F and 2nd streets saw a person fitting the description of the robber.

    According to a preliminary investigation, the suspect shot the officer, then turned the gun on himself.

    The officer was taken to a local hospital, but both the officer and suspect are now confirmed to be dead.
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    Very sad Prayers go the Officer's family and friends. R.I.P. Officer.
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    Officer Kevin Tonn RIP warrior.
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    10-7 RIP and may God bring peace to your loved ones.
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    I heard about this earlier from a friend, truly sad.. RIP
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    Thoughts and Prayers to the Family. Thank you for your service.

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