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Thread: Troll Threads

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    Troll Threads

    I vote to add a troll forum. Let me explain.

    All those threads that are so much fun to read (except the naughty pictures) when a troll comes around should be locked from further comments and put in a troll forum.

    That way when we need a good laugh, we can navigate to the forum and read a few stupid posts... I don't know about you guys but a lot of the comments trolls leave are funny as hell.

    Just sayin', It would be fun.

    Anyway's Have a Merry Christmas (or to be politically correct, Happy Holidays)

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    That would be a fun thing to have. I love it when the trolls start attacking individual members of the forum and start posting things that can't be spelled out, if you know what I mean...........
    It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

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    There is another "LEO" forum that does that.... Ghay....

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    Sounds a lot like sending somebody snipe hunting. My uncles use to do that to the youngsters. It was hilarious.

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