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    Los Angeles Sheriff: Pre-Explorer Explorers?

    This is going back a number of years, but I have a question regarding youth within LASD. I am aware that the Explorer Program (Deputy Explorers) was brought to LASD in 1969. However, I have come across something from the late '30s/early '40s era that seems similar called Junior Deputies. If you know, can you explain to me the difference/similarities? What were their duties? What became of that program? Any insight is appreciated.

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    The explorer program was originally called the junior deputy program, but the title "junior deputy" sounded very childish, so they went with "Deputy explorer"

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    I love the explorer program, the ride a longs are awsome. It could be different i guess depending i who you ride with but if you show intrest in the job most officers are very cool and just as excited as you to show you the job. My first ride along was a test of the weather. i was excited to ride along but things changed. i waited in a room for about 20 minutes before the officer was finally ready to meet me and start the shift. before the officer arrived i thought i was in for a action packed day of medical calls and traffic stops, oh was i wrong. first off since i had arrived the weather had changed for the worst. Not only that my ride along officer was scheduled for a traffic control detail all day. We met and the officer explained the work we would be doing for the day. He told me we would be spending most the day directing traffic at a major construction site, at a four way intersection. I was not prepared for this. He explained what we would be doing then told me we had to get me the equipment i needed for this detail because it was wet and cold out. He took me to a storage room at the station and when he opened the door there was a room full police equipment. He gave me the equipment he said i must wear. he gave me a duty belt with many accessories, a radio, handcuffs, baton, he put a winter police duty jacket on me, then he strapped a long rubber raincoat which was orange with reflective striping over me, over the raincoat he placed a navy blue vest with reflective striping that said police on it over that. i told the officer i felt a little funny wearing all the equipment but that is what they are required to wear in certain weather conditions for certain details. once we got to our post the weather and traffic was so bad i understood why they wear all that equipment. i told the officer i didn't want to stand in the middle of the intersection alone but he informed me that was not allowed. first times out the officer will give you a shadow where you stand in the middle of the intersection with him standing directly behind you, front to back and they will grab your arms and assist your traffic direction as needed. i was shadowed for the first 2 hours and thought i was ok to do it alone but the officer said no and and shadowed me for the remaining 6 hours. it was a long, cold, wet day but i understand now that there are many different things that come with the job.

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