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    Off Duty NYPD dies in Hurricane Sandy while rescuing 7 family members

    RIP to all those who died in Sandy, and RIP Officer Kasprzak, who rescued 7 of his family members before drowning in his basement searching for anyone else who may have been down there.

    (Would not let me post Link due to not having 100 posts, google his name for any other Information).

    As stories of heroism are revealed in the aftermath of Sandy, the sacrifice of off-duty NYPD cop Artur Kasprzak will likely not be forgotten.

    Kasprzak, 28, drowned Monday night after rescuing seven members of his family, including his 15-month-old son, from the raging flood waters filling the basement of his Staten Island home, CBS New York reports.

    After ushering them into the attic, Kasprzak said he was going to check the basement one more time, according to an NYPD release. He never returned.

    The family's 911 call spurred the NYPD to dispatch scuba divers in Zodiac boats and jet skis to the home, but they couldn't reach it because of downed power lines snaking through the water, according to multiple reports.

    A search party finally entered the home around 7 a.m. Tuesday, finding Kasprzak’s body in the basement. Kasprzak's father and girlfriend were among those he saved, according to reports. He was a 6-year veteran of the NYPD.

    "He was a brave guy," friend Tommy Krol told the New York Daily News. "He loved being a cop."

    Kasprzak's commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Edward Winski, told the Daily News: “He was really a great guy, well-liked, very professional and hard working. It was very difficult this morning when I had to tell everyone. It's heart-breaking, to be honest with you."
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    Justice or Just Us?
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    I hope NYPD does the right thing buy this guy for his family. If you're a cop & die saving 7 people during a natural disaster, that sounds like an LODD to me.
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    R.I.P. Officer.
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