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    Off-duty NYPD officer shot in Bronx

    PO Marcano is a cops cop. Even with a gs wound he still got out of his car and gave chase and managed to down one of the suspects.

    Here's wishing him a speedy recovery!


    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Officer Ivan Marcano was sitting in the passenger seat of his car on Harrison Avenue in the Bronx around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday when his girlfriend saw two men robbing a third.

    She told Marcano, who got out of the car, pulled out his gun and shield and identified himself as a police officer, Kelly said.

    "As soon as he did, one of the suspects fired, striking Officer Marcano in the chest," Kelly said Wednesday evening at a news conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Bronx hospital where the officer was taken.

    The suspects got into a car and fled. Marcano got back into his car, and his girlfriend took him to get medical attention.

    A block away, the officer's girlfriend honked at cars stopped at a red light. A white car in front of her jerked forward, hitting a livery cab and then a parked car before going onto the sidewalk where it came to a stop, Kelly said. Three men got out.
    Marcano recognized them and got out of his car, taking cover some distance away. Holding his left hand over his wound, with his gun in his right hand, he approached the men and fired one shot, Kelly said.

    He then moved to another location and fired again. "In a remarkable display of marksmanship and cool under fire, Officer Marcano fired, striking one of the suspects in the head," Kelly said.

    The man died at the scene. The other men ran off in different directions.

    Marcano followed one of the men, and came across an ambulance, which got him to the hospital, Kelly said. Marcano is currently in stable condition at Bronx Lebanon Hospital.

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    Prayers for a farst recovery.
    There are certain crimes that are simply too cruel, too sadistic, too hideous to be forgiven.”
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