Each year, the 29th September holds a special significance for Police throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and the Solomon Islands. It is a day for police to pause to honour officers whose lives have been cut short while performing their duty as a police officer. This important day is also a time to remember police officers who have lost their lives through illness or other circumstances.

National Police Remembrance Day is observed on the feast day of St Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of police. St Michael is recognized as an archangel by the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths.

I, along with hundreds of other officers around the country, participated in the ceremony today (Where Police Remembrance Day falls on a weekend, ceremonies are held on the friday before) at the Wall of Remembrance. It was particularly poignant as we mourned the death of Senior Constable David Rixon, who was fatally shot during a traffic stop earlier this year, and we celebrated our 150th anniversary.

Honour Roll for fallen NSW Police Officers

I'll finish now with the Police Ode

As the sun surely sets,
Dawn will see it arise,
For Service above self
Demads its own prize.

You have fought the good fight,
Life's race has been run,
And peace your reward,
For eternity begun.

And we that are left,
Shall never forget,
Rest in peace friend and colleague
For the sun has now set.

We will remember

Hasten the dawn.