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    Post Two serving sisters in UK ambushed and killed in cold blood.

    It gives me great sadness to report that 2 unarmed female police officers in the UK were cruelly and viciously ambushed and murdered yesterday while responding to a hoax 999 call reporting a burglary in progress.

    Police Constables Nicola Hughes, aged 23, and her partner, Fiona Bone, 32, both with Greater Manchester Police, responded to an area of Manchester known as Mottram, with a report of a burglary in progress in Abbey Gardens.

    Upon their arrival at the scene, a man wanted for 2 other murders ambushed both officers with a handgrenade and a handgun. An explosion was heard, followed by a total of 13 gunshots, and both officers were shot and killed. The suspect subsequently turned himself in at a local police station.

    May God protect and bless these 2 officers at their rest. We have the watch now, sisters.
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    Wrinkled, my heart aches for their families and co-workers. My great-great-grandfather emigrated from Derby 160 years ago. I'm still a bit of a closet monarchist.

    Stay safe, there, brothers & sisters.

    May God grant Nicola and Fiona eternal rest and may His perpetual light shine upon them.

    I will save any comment about UK laws & punishment for another time, and would urge my fellow Colonials to do likewise.

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