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    Metro Transit written test study guide

    I know I could have kept this in the metro section but hey.....

    Last time I took the written ...I had a problem with the direction/map portion of the test.

    I have never been good with directions or map oritented questions such as north east,south or west

    please help me !!!!!

    is there anything I could study or find that would help
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    During those questions just imagine you're walking those paths yourself. And keep track which way you go, that way you know the direction traveled if you need to answer a question that makes you go back in your paths.
    Probably confused you even more, but just picture yourself walking or driving the direction of travel and know that North East South & West are static, so they can't change and just base everything off that.

    Don't rly know what you can study, its fairly straightforward.

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    For me, it helps to turn the book so you can see the direction you are moving in. Just MAKE SURE you know which is north/south/east/west. Just my two cents...hope you make it

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