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    .22 ammo malfunction

    Yesterday I was shooting my .22 Browning Buckmark at the range, when I pulled the trigger and the ammo exploded, shooting brass out the sides of the pistol. I got lucky that the brass didn't hit the bone in my thumb, but it did require stitches and possible surgery if the nerves don't heal. Has anyone experienced this before with .22 ammo? The ammo is from a very reputable company and I have shot thousands of rounds of it before without a problem.

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    Did it fire out of battery or did it destroy the barrel? I have never had it happen with my Buckmark, but I presume that there could be fowling that kept the round from fully going into the chamber. Then the case fails causing the injury.

    Good luck on healing up.
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    Hi jm23,

    Quote Originally Posted by jm23
    ... but it did require stitches and possible surgery if the nerves don't heal. ...
    Consult a neurologist/neurosurgeon immediately. Don't wait to see whether things heal on their own. If there's neural damage the healing process and the waiting to find out what it produces could reduce the chances for favorable effectiveness of subsequent surgery or other treatment.

    Your profile indicates that you're in the greater Chicago area.

    The neurology physicians at the UCH DCAM are outstanding.

    Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine
    Uniiversity of Chicago Hospitals
    5758 S. Maryland Ave. 60637

    (Main entrance 58th & Maryland)

    If you go by car I recommend that you use the parking garage even though they recommend using the valet service.


    Best wishes for your recovery,


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