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    Certificates that look good on a resume?

    What are some classes/certificates or licenses that you can take to spice up your resume to a Police Department? Ones that could give you some more life experience? Would things like CPR/First Aid certificate, or EMT/paramedic certificate or some volunteer fire fighting experience look good? What are some other useful classes that may look good on a resume?

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    The only one that will really spruce up a law enforcement resume and make any difference is a POST certificate

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    Police certification, a college degree, ability to speak a foreign language that is common in your area ... A lot of stuff that you would pay for as a non LEO is just considered crap. An EMT or paramedic cert doesn't mean anything unless the dept is cross-trained (It could be argued that it is good knowledge to have, but it isn't going to help you in the hiring process). Also, if you get a cert, you have to pass annual written and skill station testing, as well as take periodic refresher courses. If you are not going to run as a first responder somewhere, you are setting yourself up for failure. The police dept. will train you in what they think you need to know.

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    Take continuing education that you enjoy, because most likely the department is going to say, "Oh, that is nice..." to many certificate programs.

    Speaking a foreign language fluently is going to be the biggest benefit to you professionally and more importantly from a practical point of view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddurkof View Post
    Speaking a foreign language fluently is going to be the biggest benefit to you professionally and more importantly from a practical point of view.

    Especially Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language).

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    In addition to the excellent thoughts of my colleagues, let me add this. Many, many entrance level hiring processes involve a written examination. This is especially true in Civil Service hiring processes. You could conceivably have a very impressive resume, but if you fail to score well on the written exam, you won't be hired. It really is that simple. Most Civil Service written exams have a passing grade of 70%. As a practical matter, you'll need to score in the mid to high nineties on the exam in order to placed highly enough on the Eligibility Register to be reachable, thus hireable. All of that said, a proficiency in a second language, especially one spoken in the area you apply in would be helpful. I'd forget the EMT certifications etc, as they simply won't be that valuable in a hiring process.

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    I like the gold certificates with bold black print, those look the prettiest.
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    If anything, I would recommend taking some of the basic Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Independent Study Courses; specifically the Incident Command (IS-100 and IS-200 series) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). These courses are 100% online, free and self study.

    Completion of these and related courses are a nearly universal requirement and would likely be repeated in the academy or follow-on training, but it can’t hurt to crack the egg now. See: http://www.training.fema.gov/IS/

    I would issue a caution to ensure that any training you take is recognized and legitimate. From time to time itinerant operators will crop up and peddle their wares, which are of dubious value. Do your homework before investing in any non-traditional training.
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    It has long been the tradition on this forum and as well as professionally not to second guess or Monday morning QB the officer's who were actually on-scene and had to make the decision. That being said, I don't think that your discussion will go very far on this board.
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