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    NYPD start date for exam 0140

    I am scheduled to take the medical exam this week, however, I tried to reschedule and was told that they are not moving forward with anyone else from exam number 0140. The lady told me to call back at the end of the week. I am just a little confused here, does this mean that all of the folks for exam 0140 are having their process put on hold? I asked the lady but she was very rude and didn't want to ask questions and she even hung up the phone on me.

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    i was told it is on hold

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    No one knows for sure. However, seeing that you are starting the medical phase now, it is very veyr unlikely you will make the class in Jan. There really isn't enough time for you to process and they are going to be flooded with people from older exams getting their last minute clears in. Even if 0140 gets touched, it will be for those with good list numbers and their process all squared away. No one knows for sure but looks like you wont be in the Jan class and there may be no one from 0140 in it for that matter. Follow the Jan 2013 thread for a ton of info on the subject.
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