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    Retirement Jobs-Corporate Security

    Just curious what the interest level is for corporate security positions (investigations, executive protection, and security management) after retirement?

    I should add that I did it a number of years ago and it worked out very well for me-feel very fortunate. I have a number of other friends in the greater Seattle area that went on to do the same at local Fortune 500 companies, Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing. It’s worked out very well for them too as far as second careers go.

    I understand that it’s not for everyone but I've worked with more law enforcement in the U.S. and worldwide than I ever did as a cop. You have a lot of freedom to make decisions and develop your career (great training and professional associations, etc). The pay and benefits are awesome too. All of the guys I know are all making over six figures and some are doing really well through stock grants, which is very nice.

    The downside of the private sector is job security. If you don't produce, if you don't get along with your boss or the economy goes in the tank there could be problems. But if you're squared away and get along with folks you become a vital asset for the company and your department. You can ride out the highs and lows of the economy.

    If it’s something you're kicking around as a second career after retirement-I highly recommend it. There's absolutely no way I could have done this without having been in law enforcement. I just want to let folks know that their law enforcement background/ & set has value in the private sector.

    Bets regards & give it some thought!

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