It appears well known icon in body building Bob Kennedy is not going to be with us much longer. His wife (Tosca Reno) posted on her blog that Bob does not have long, due to lung cancer.

MuscleMag International (MMI) was where I got my start, and I have known Bob since early 90s where he encouraged me to keep sending articles to MMI. It's rare for someone to get lung cancer who never smoked, but it happens. Don't know how long he's been ill, but here's a pic of us prior Arnold and I thought he did look very thin:

Bob is (he aint gone yet!) a unique individual to say the least. MMI, via Bob, has been the launching point for many careers in the bbing world/fitness world for writers, athletes, photographers, etc, and although less well known then say Joe Weider or Arnold, a house hold name for anyone who grew up with MMI, his various books (first bbing book I ever read was "Beef It" by Bob as a goofy kid...), and his well known support for the athletes and sport in general.

His friend Arnold flew out to say goodbye to him, and say what you will about Arnold, he's a good man for doing it and well known as very loyal to his roots and friends. If interested see: