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    Corrections vs Younger age

    Hello all.

    To start off..I'm 18 years old, currently working as a Loss prevention officer at a local Wal-Mart (Most people find it absolutely amazing i was hired at my age with no experience).

    I'm looking to eventually get in to the corrections field as soon as possible. Where I'm located there is a 3 month unpaid training program, combined with online courses to hands on firearms training. I know i have pretty much no chance of employment until I'm at least 20.

    How it works over here is you send in your application then continue on to the written tests and if passed you continue on to the 3 month training program. Once completed, you can set up interviews at different correctional institutions. (If i remember correctly)

    My location of preference would be the Remand center (Minimum to Maximum security) which is basically a place where the accused is held before they are sentenced. Would this be more ideal for a younger adult?

    My question:

    What was your experience like going through training with younger adults or even working with them?

    What kind of correctional facility would you recommend starting off in? for example Womens only prison or youths facilities...minimum or maximum security?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    All comments are welcome!

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    Well first off the adolences are a handful if you ask most co's they would rather have a facility where it's adults. As far as a female facility men do less work for obvious reasons can't strip search etc. but at the same time there are a lot of sexual misconduct aligations against male co's in female institutions.

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    I never heard of an agency that uses online training for new officers. I personally find younger CO's to be a handful to properly train. Older (new) CO's are more set in their ways of life and while they can be told the job- they will perform their duties as they decide. Younger (new) CO's are more influential and can be swayed in multiple directions by good staff, bad staff and inmates alike. The key for newer Officer's is to first understand that NO inmate has your best intrest in mind. They do not like you- I repeat- they do not like you. Their goal is to put you in their pocket and run you off if they can't. They will not begin to consider respecting you as an officer until they realize that they can't punk you............. If you can understand and comprehend the environment you are in and learn to recognize and handle inmate (and staff) manipulation you have the foundation to be a good hack in any type of facility. I say start at the facility you see yourself retiring from........... I have only worked in High/Max security male facilities but have work with both Med and Min/Low male inmates and female inmates- treat them all the same. Good luck to you!
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    I started in this career when I was 19 years old and now that I am 24 I am a sergeant at my facility. As far as being a young officer in thid field it is a challenge, while I caught on to the job fairly easily I had issues gaining respect from the inmates and the officers due to my age. However, I have found my life long career and love every minute of it even when I hate it. As the previous post states younger officers are more easily influenced and I have seen many around me that started with me fall into the unethical behavior and break not only policy but the law, we have had a few of them become inmates and it was difficult for the facility as a whole.

    As far as the training, I came from wal-mart also (CSM) but I went straight into the facility on a FTO program and then went to the academy within the first 18 months, we were behind on training. Now I am in charge of training for the jail and I will say I would rather have a mix of younger and more mature officers than just one age group. It takes all kinds to run a correctional facility whether it be county or state. Good luck to you in this career path!

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    If you can I would recommend the military either part or full-time. As far as what type of facility to work at I would talk to a few places and see if you can do a tour and also talk to officers. I'm sure they come to walmart, chat with them.

    I was in my early twenties when I got out of the military and worked state corrections with juveniles. I worked at an evaluation center which is where inmates (pc juveniles) go after being found guilty but before they are sentenced. I really enjoyed it because every once in a blue moon you could see that light bulb click on after working with them. Being a CO I got to see the real them and not the show they put on for the judge and everyone else. We had to fill out reports on each juvenile with recommendations to the court when it came time for sentencing. I may have enjoyed a few of those reports more than others. Everyone else has given you good advice. Your REP as stupid as it seemed to me is what really makes your days good or bad. You have to be mature enough to treat people with respect but still be firm and treat everyone the same. I never showed any favortism and it helped a lot with my Rep. Just as the military helped me mature so did being a CO. I can honnestly say there were older and more experienced CO's than me and I think they did a better job. I apprecited them helping me and I listened to them and learned how to become a better CO and person. If this is what you think you want then keep your nose clean and work towards it not only with your current job but also school and courses that will help you stand apart from the crowd. It all comes down to how mature you are...

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