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    Guilty in court, fine?

    About 4 years ago I was charged for lewd conduct, went to court as guilty. Lived in same house all my life at the time. I was suppose to get something in the mail for my fine and never did. At the time growing up (i was 17 when it occured) I assumed charges were dropped or something (unlikely) Never really came to my attention until recently when I went for a background check. The lady didnt say anything to me about it(assuming I would have a warrant if I didnt pay, same as if i got pulled over a police officer would see it?).

    Im going to the police station tomorrow to see whats going on with it. See what I need to pay and hope nothing too bad since its been 4 years. In mean time wanted to here some advice on what the reason could be.

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    Answer hasn't changed...............................


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    Didn't we do this yesterday? As has been noted, the answer(s) haven't changed. The charges were NOT dropped.Govern yourself accordingly.

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