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    I'm hoping this is the most suitable section of the forums to get an answer to my question. Those that are interested in becoming LEO's in NJ already know that the Alternate Route program has been suspended for a while now. My question is, does anyone have any information as to when the program will be available again? Self-sponsoring seems like an attractive option for those of us who don't have a military background as a leg up. Also, what kind of costs would I be looking at if I were accepted into the program?
    Any and all information will be appreciated!

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    The restart of the program is up in the air. They is too many laid off police officers and Alt. Route guys/gals out there without jobs. I think they are waiting for a vast majority of them to be picked up again before starting it up again.

    It's pretty pricey being that you have to pay for everything (training,medical,pysch, etc..),but I'm sure it pays itself 10x over in the long run.

    Good Luck.
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