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    Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

    Anyone have any insight to the department? pros and cons? their website doesn't give much info

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    They dont do any law enforcement. They strictly run the jails and serve civil papers. Metro Police cover all law enforcement duties in Davidson County.

    I will say this though, they have a very good department and the sheriff is very on top of things. If corrections is your gig, theyve got a good thing going. Possibly the highest paying corrections position in this area.

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    So, can someone answer the question? Do they or do they not have LEO powers?


    While the issue has come up repeatedly over the years, the supreme court has now ruled the department does have enforcement powers.

    In Davidson County, the sheriff has the primary responsibility of serving civil process and jail functions without the common law powers to keep the peace. Protection of the peace is instead the responsibility of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department under the county's Metropolitan Charter. The Metropolitan Charter did not remove the Davidson County Sheriff's status as a Law Enforcement officer however. It is simply not his or her primary function as it was prior to the consolidation of the City of Nashville and Davidson County.
    - Wikipedia
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    One of the times my mother-in-law was visiting their facility. Talked to a deputy who told me he did not have arrest authority.

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    They do not have law enforcement powers. You may see a few armed deputies in cars that serve civil papers but they do not make arrests. They even have white lights on their cars.
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    Well just look at the metro charter. It states that the metro sheriff shall not be the principal conservator of the peace. At first glance it appears that the metro sheriff would have law enforcement powers; however, upon further reading it states that power is transferred to the chief of the Metro PD. Since that power is transferred, I would believe that is removed and he does not have such powers.

    Sec. 16.05. - Sheriff.

    The sheriff, elected as provided by the Constitution of Tennessee, is hereby recognized as an officer of the metropolitan government. He shall have such duties as are prescribed by Tennessee Code Annotated, section 8-8-201, or by other provisions of general law; except, that within the area of the metropolitan government the sheriff shall not be the principal conservator of peace. The function as principal conservator of peace is hereby transferred and assigned to the metropolitan chief of police, provided for by article 8, chapter 2 of this Charter. The sheriff shall have custody and control of the metropolitan jail and of the metropolitan workhouse to which persons are sentenced for violation of state law, but the urban jail and workhouse in which persons are confined for violations of ordinances of the metropolitan government, or while awaiting trial for such violation, shall be under the custody and control of the metropolitan chief of police. By ordinance the urban jail may be consolidated with the metropolitan jail and the urban workhouse may be consolidated with the metropolitan workhouse. After either or both such consolidations, the jail and the workhouse shall be under the custody and control of the sheriff.

    All fees, commissions, emoluments and perquisites of the office of sheriff shall accrue to the metropolitan government as the same formerly accrued to the County of Davidson.
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    Regardless of charters, statutes, or caselaw, the DCSO does not enforce laws. They handle the jail and serve civil process. It's a good agency if you want to do corrections.
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