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    Can I request community service instead of fine payment?

    I made a no turn on red a few months ago and was cited for it, as well as failure to change address. Got the addres fixed, and am going into court in the next few days for the no turn on red. My financial situation is not the best since I am commuting 160 miles 4 days a week and it's destroying me for gas, I'd like to request community service so I can pay off my debt without putting me into a situation where I'm not able to pay bills. I've never been to court before, only had one ticket (which I paid onilne and went to traffic school for), so I have no clue what court will even be like.

    Question: Am I able to ask for community service hours to be able to pay for the debt? If so, how do I go about it while I am in court?


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    You can request it but I don't think the courts will permit it. Call the court and inquire. It is ultimately up to them.
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    Some will, some won't.

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    You won't know unless you ask. Bring it up to the Judge. He/She may reduce the fine or they will set up a payment plan.

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    The worst the judge can do is say no. If s/he allows community service, know that there may be a fee that must be paid for administration of the program.
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    I know you said you've been to traffic school, but you didn't post when. You might want to check on your current eligibility before deciding what to do.
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    a payment plan is probably best if possible.

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    I don't know how the courts in California work, but as most mentioned above the Judges are usually understanding of peoples financial programs and they can set up payment programs.

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    Ok, since I'm in traffic court all the time, I've heard this plenty of times. Here's the basic rule:

    You can plead guilty and ask for community service. You can plead guilty and ask for traffic school, if you haven't been to traffic school in the past 18 months (they just got rid of 2nd offender traffic school).

    You can't do traffic school and community service. It's either one or the other. I would recommend you take traffic school and ask to be put on a payment plan. They will usually give you 45 days to pay it. It costs an additional $35 for a payment plan. Traffic school is an additional $54. The reason I would recommend this is because of the extended costs. If you do community service, you will still have raised insurance rates. If you take the traffic school, the case will be dismissed and you wont have raised insurance rates.

    If you drag it on to trial, make sure you ask for traffic school before testimony starts. Once testimony starts, most judges will not allow traffic school. Where did you get the ticket?
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    @BUlly HAHAHA. Your location, in your avatar is funny!
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    I don't know how it is nowadays with tight budgets everywhere but I know that years ago.. one could go to court and explain that they are in a financial bind and the court would reduce the fine by half or close to it.

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