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    Walk-In Testing For Special Officer Being Held In NYC Until September, 2011

    For anyone interested, NYC DCAS will be holding walk-in computerized testing daily for both DCAS and HHC Special Officer exams until September, 2011. I know that the city is still working off of the Special Officer written exams that were given last year, but it will still probably be worth it to take both tests and get your name on the lists. Unfortunately for me, you have to be a city resident at the time of appointment and I live a little further upstate. I'm not sure if I could afford to move into the city and live off of the starting salary if I was offered the job. If you currently live in NYC or are willing to move there on the $30,260 starting base salary being offered I would definitely take both exams.

    Special Officer (DCAS Jurisdiction Only) (EXAM # 2300)

    Special Officer (HHC Only) (EXAM # 2301)

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    Current & Former HHC officers on this site and off, have stated the overtime is ridiculous with HHC. Some have gone as far as saying it is easy to make 10-15 thousand over your salary. DCAS is a smaller department and I think only a few of their buildings require 24 HR policing. So, the OT' opportunity plus hiring factor would be slim to none...at least, it seems to me

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    Nice, they are giving their Environmental Police Officer test again! I'm going to take it this time.

    Too bad they don't include Nassau resident's by date of appointment.
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