Tactical Communications (Verbal Judo) Instructor
Trainer: Dr. George Thompson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 14-18, 2011
0800 to 1700 hours
Class Tuition: $995.00
Class Length: 5 days
Course Description
The course is designed to equip attendees with the knowledge to teach others within their agency how to control verbal encounters in order to generate voluntary compliance. The program was created by George Thompson, Ph.D. who will be the primary instructor. Tactical Communication™ provides officers with the verbal tactical tools necessary to successfully manage not only their routine assignments, but also the extraordinary confrontations in which they find themselves. In most cases confrontational situations will be diffused. When words alone fail, officers are given the decision-making tactics required to justify enforcement taking action that includes the ability to disengage and/or escalate in order to take proper police action.
Course Topics

Effective Force Report Writing
Active Listening Techniques

Dealing with Difficult Persons
Dealing with Verbal Abuse

Knowing When Words Fail
Developing Professionalism

Articulating Your Force Responses
Knowing When to Physically Intervene

Ethical Intervention (Override) Tactics
Developing Guards for Your Verbal Triggers

Making a Positive Initial Contact
Tactical Communication Theory

Multiple Program Delivery Options
How to Develop Effective Verbal Simulations