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    How long is your certification good for?

    In NC if I quit my police job today I would have one year before my law enforcement certification died. For up to three years I can return to work after a 2 week academy update. After the three year mark I would have to go to the entire academy again.

    How long does a police certification stay good in other states?

    Also for those posting: If you are a law enforcement officer, are you die hard, do the job until retirement, or do you want to enjoy it for as long as your body will hold up and then move on? I know a lot of guys that just want it while their young (maybe 5-10 years). For the record, I think that either choice is perfectly OK.

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    SC is identical to NC. You have one year to come back to work with no additional training. One year to three years and you have to attend a 3 week legals course at the academy. Over three years and you have to do it all over again.

    I plan to stay at this agency until I retire. With 10 years in, only 15 more to go! This of course is barring unforseen circumstances like an idiot getting elected Sheriff (like our previous one!)


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    In CA it's three years with no academy update needed. After that you must either repeat the academy or take an equivalency test.

    If you're a full-timer, you can keep your certification indefinitely by hiring on as a Level 1 (solo-patrol certified) Reserve.

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    In Louisiana, you have one year to return to work without any additional training. After one year, you have to pass the State Civil Service Exam and get remedial training in a regional academy.

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    Texas: If you hold a Peace Officer license, unless it is suspended by the Texas Commission on Law Inforcement, you may retain it for life, as long as you attend the State-mandated 40 hours of training every 2 years.

    If you don't keep up the training, after 2 years, you can challenge the State test, or repeat the academy.

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    I believe it's 4 or 5 years in NY. The good thing is it only requires one shift a year to keep your certification up. I know people with LE certification who aren't regularly working as LEO's anymore who get an agency to let them patrol for 8 hours on the books to allow them to retain their LEO status.

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    In Virginia ones certification expires as soon as ones leaves employment as an LEO. Virginia requires 40 hours of training every two years. So, if you leave a PD with your training up to date, then get back into LE a year later, you have one year to complete the 40 hours. After two years you would have to complete a retraining course (two weeks I think), after five years you would have to go through the whole academy again. So, while ones certification becomes invalid as soon as one leaves employment under the law, this really has no effect in reality until after two years.


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    Goodside, a new catch in NC, you have to take the new state test when you do the refresher and lots of guys are failing it and having to do the acadamy again. This test is much harder and has subjects we never saw in the older schools. I tell guys if there is a small chance you want to go back into L.E. find a reserve or part time cop job, you do now want to do the school again.

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    In Wisconsin, you have two years from academy to get a job as sworn LEO. If you manage to get a PT job, you only have to work 40 hours a year and 24 hours of yearly inservice.

    If you get a FT job, you just have to do 24 hours inservice yearly. Certification is lifetime as long as your getting 40 hours in a year.

    If you dont mangage to get a job in 2 yeras you have to do academy all over again

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