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    Brazilian teen caught shooting cell phones into prison with a bow and arrow


    Bow and arrow used to send phones into Brazil jail

    SAO PAULO — Police say a 17-year-old teen was detained after he shot arrows with cell phones attached over the walls of a prison in southern Brazil to inmates waiting on the other side.

    Authorities say the boy was caught after one of the arrows he launched struck a police officer on the back. The officer was not seriously injured because the cell phone was tied to the tip of the arrow and softened the impact.

    Police Lt. Mauricio Cravo told RBS TV that a local gang hired the teen, giving him a professional bow and training him how to use it.

    Authorities said the teen was able to shoot at least four cell phones into the prison before he was caught late Wednesday.

    Inmates are prohibited from owning or using cell phones in Brazil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbonfiberfoot View Post
    Inmates are prohibited from owning or using cell phones in Brazil.
    I bet that prohibition is in place for just about every confinement facility worldwide, if their prison administration has any sense anyway.

    I watched "The Squad: Prison Police" last night, as they were intercepting various hoggasauruses trying to smuggle cell phones and who knows what-all else into the prison during visits. The bow-and-arrow trick adds a new dimension to it.

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