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    Post Can a car be impounded for this?

    A friend of mine on another forum is really upset. He husband got home today and told her his car was impounded. He is giving her some stupid story about how a woman came up to him, asked for sex and they impounded his car.
    I told her it sounded like one of 2 things to me. It could ne he tried to solicit an undercover policewoman. Even so, I've never heard of a car being impounded for that.
    Or, it could be he was dealing drugs (he has a substance abuse problem). I know that a car can be seized for that.
    Have you ever impounded a car because a man tried to solict sex with a prostitute or an undercover policewoman?

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    Here in CA anytime we arrest a driver of a vehicle we are permitted to tow the car away (ostensibly to keep the arrested person from returning to the neighborhood but it makes for great retribution when the crook is a jerk).

    For CA in order for the car to be impounded (meaning it stays in impound for some time) or forfeited (car gets sold) after a prostitution related arrest there must be a city or county ordinance authorizing this.

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    If the person arrested was inside the vehicle at the time of the arrest or the vehicle was used in the commission of the crime it was more than likely a legal impoundment. Laws and policies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction though.

    In the county that I live and work in, there are wildly varying impoundment procedures. A city just down the road from mine impounds cars for things I would never dream of. But, theyve been sued alot too....

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    Yes, here we impound for soliciting arrests.

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    Thanks....She checked up on him and he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. His marriage is now over also.

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