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    Charles Love

    800 mega hertz radio system

    I am from King Co. Sheriff's Office. In seattle WA. We are having numerous problems with are New Radio system designed by Motorola. There are so many dead spots that it has become an issue of officer safety. I need someone to refer me to a web site or sites that will help us with a complaint. We need support and documentation to assist us. The complaint is being filed by our labor union

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    I'm moving this to ask a cop. You'll have a better chance of getting an answer in there.

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    You might try: www.motorola.com or www.arrl.org . The second site is an amateur radio website where you could probably get the information you're looking for.

    Good luck.

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    I don't know of any web sites on this topic but I talked with a friend at the Glendale Police Department (in California) a few years ago after they installed their new radio system. They were experiencing similar problems. Perhaps someone there could talk with you about the problem and how they resolved it.

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    You also might try contacting the Kansas City, MO. police dept or fire dept. They both have this radio system and it is an officer safety issue. When I worked for KCPD you would inside a house or building and they radio would start beeping. The beeping meant that the radio was not picking up a signal. The KCFD also had problems with firefighters being inside burning houses and not being able to communicate with other firefighters outside. KC has recently built two new radio towers to help solve the problem. At one time they were suing Motorola but I don't know what ever became of the suit. If you want any telephone numbers for KCPD let me know.

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    KCMO is a great place to ask, as they have had lots and lots of trouble just as nightcop said.

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    As an amateur radio operator, I feel I might be able to help you out Charles. I'm not familiar with King County, however, as it is in Washington I have a feeling the terrain is a little more hilly than what you would call flat. Areas of radio darkness usually mean something impeding line of sight communication. This means exactly what it sounds like. I'm assuming that your SO uses a repeater to talk to units, so if an individual unit is being blocked by a hill, (anything large, even a large building for a few seconds) radio communications would be hindered. We have these problems with amateur radio all of the time. I doubt there is a problem with motorola as they have a very good reputation in the field of communications, and especially radio equipment. Next to ICOM and Kenwood, they are top of the line. Also, many times, there could be some fault in the way it was hooked up to the car. I'm not laying blame on your mechanics, but before filing a formal complaint, I'd have them go back and look at how they are done. Check to make sure all connections are secure including battery to radio, mic to radio, and radio to antenna. Also, check to make sure all wires that are exposed to the outside are sealed and no water is leaking in. This is a death sentence when it comes to radio. Water will eat up your communications like Santa Claus eats cookies!! So, quickly recapping, I'd go back over your radios first and check all connections, try and isolate the problem. Also, if space, regulations, budget allows, try moving your repeater site or base antenna to a higher location for better distance and reception. Also, have you ever though of buying better antennas? I'm not sure what kind you use, I'll go see if you guys have a webpage with pics later. However, I'd recommend switching from a quarter length to a half length antenna if you haven't done so already. All has to do with reception and transmission. Hope this was helpful, and let me know if you need any more help!!


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    Originally posted by Niteshift:
    I'm moving this to ask a cop. You'll have a better chance of getting an answer in there.

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    Thanks for all the information on the 800 Mega Hertz radio. I have passed it on to the powers to be. There are some interest people using this forum

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