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    Question Voice Stress Analysis Test ?'s

    I found this site today by accident while trying to find some information on Voice Stress Analysis Tests. (great site by the way) I am scheduled to take one of these tests next week, and don't have a clue as to what I am up againts. I have never heard of such a thing. WTF you might say? If the thought of such test is suppose to cause stress, it has worked! Any pointers or input?

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    What, you guys never heard of this thing either?

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    I'm reading a book about them right now. Haven't finished it, but when I do (it'll be soon) I'll try to post some more...
    What I know now, is that it measures variations in the frequency/ pitch of the speakers voice. They have pretty much the same chance of being accurate as if the examiner just guessed. It works on the same principle as a polygraph- questions that cause you more stress, will be indicated by changes in your voice (higher pitch, etc.). However, neither the lie detector nor the VSA can determine what kind of stress (fear, guilt, nervousness) is causing the changes.
    The CVSA (computer voice stress analyser) is a modified notebook computer with a microphone attached. The microtremors (changes) in your voice are displayed directly on the screen. Again, the results (truthful/deceptive) are about as accurate as guessing.

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    Would a voice stress anaylsis be a process in the hiring process in lieu of polygrpah exams?

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    Darth Choke


    This is what the CHP uses in its process...no polygraph...but you do spend about 4-6 months in background investigations [Wink]

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    The only thing I've heard about them is that they're even more of a crock than polygraphs.

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    I had to take one to get hired. Its no sweat. Just tell the truth to the best of ya knowledge.
    Way mine went was something like this.
    1st he asked me the ?ins not hooked up. He told me to tell the truth about the ?ins so I did. Spent awhile on the stealing stuff
    2nd he hooked me up and asked ?ins like "Other then what you have told me have you stolen anything over 200 dollars."On some of the ?ins when he asked me and I answered I was like man I didn't tell him bout this time or that time.

    But all in all don't sweat it be cool and tell the truth.

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