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    Lancaster Officer, two suspects dead (TX)

    Officer, two others killed in Lancaster shootout

    LANCASTER — A Lancaster police officer and two civilians were killed in a shooting in the 900 block of River Bend Drive Sunday evening.

    Lancaster Police Chief Keith Humphrey said the officer was answering a domestic disturbance call around 6 p.m. when there was an exchange of gunfire.

    "I just heard lots of quick shots — you know, like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, you know — that's all I heard," said River Bend apartments resident Pat Miles. "I jumped down on the floor."

    A police officer was taken to a hospital for treatment and later died. "The investigation is ongoing," Chief Humphrey said.

    No names were released.

    Tiffany James said she witnessed the shooting.

    "When I walked over here, I seen the lady, um, the people in the car dead, and I heard the officer say,'Ooh, I shot the wrong person,' and he busted out crying," James said. "When he busted out crying, another officer grabbed him and hugged him."

    Dozens of officers from Lancaster, Red Oak and DeSoto were at the scene. Investigators from the Dallas County Sheriff's department were collecting evidence and taking notes.

    The county medical examiner was at the scene.

    The entrance to the River Bend apartments was blocked by a Dodge sedan now covered with a blue tarp and surrounded by crime scene tape. A person in that car was among the wounded.

    There were also reports of a second vehicle located near the apartment's pool area which is also being investigated as a crime scene.

    "I'll keep praying for both of them — the suspect's family and the officer's family," Miles said.

    Chief Humphrey said the job of police is to preserve the peace and save lives. "It's very heartbreaking," he said. "We're a family. When you work with someone every day — you work with them 12 hours a day — your families know each other, so we hope for the best for our officer."

    ** Dallas Police Chief's son one of the dead**
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    Dallas M.E.'s office is now identifying the deceased officer as 37 y/o Craig Shaw, married father of two. RIP brother. Many prayers for the family and department.
    Further confirmation comes from Dallas P.D. that Chief David Brown's adult son is among the deceased. Whatever the circumstances it is a sad state that we find ourselves in Metroplex this morning. May Chief Brown and his family find answers and healing.
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    RIP Brother Shaw....

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    Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. RIP Officer Shaw.

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    RIP Officer Shaw

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