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    Sig Sauer P250 Trigger pull

    After doing some research I am unclear about the trigger pull of the Sig 250. On the sig website it states that the trigger pull is DAO 5.5-8 lb trigger pull with a hidden hammer.

    My P239 has a DA/SA with a 10.5 lb modified DA pull and a 2.5 lb SA pull.

    Anyone have any experience with the P250 DA pull? Is it similar to a Glock in that it has a trigger reset? Or is it simply a straight 5.5 lb - 8 lb trigger pull? I know that some Sig models come with the DAK system which I believe is the trigger reset system but I'm not sure if the P250 has that or something else.

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    I rented a P250 9mm and put 100 rounds through it. As soon as I was finished, I took it back to the counter and told them it was a steaming pile of poo. The gun could be accurate, but the constant long and hard trigger pull is outrageous and prevented me from being too accurate. I have very small hands, so most DAO pistols don't work for me. I know they sell separate parts to customize it to your hand, but that should not be necessary and IMO, those parts should be included at no cost. Sig claims the trigger pull is 5.5-6.5lbs DAO, but I swear the one I shot was closer to 8lbs. 5.5lbs is my duty Glock. That was significantly heavier. The P250 I shot was a straight DAO system.
    Overall, I hated that gun because of the trigger.

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    I ordered one in for a guy, honestly I thought for a DAO the trigger was fairly smooth, the downside is that the gun is HUGE, the p250 "compact" is just as large(in every direction) and thick as my xd-45 is. This sort of makes sense because the gun will eventually be able to be setup as a 9, a 40, or a 45, but it is freaking HUGE to be called a "compact".

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    I own a P250. The trigger pull is very similar to that found on a very good DA revolver. Like a well tuned revolver, it doesn't "stack", but is long and since this is a DAO, the trigger must be allowed to reset in the fully forward position. Some people prefer a short reset (ie: Glocks), but for either new shooters or those who are used to shooting revolvers, the very smooth trigger of the SIG enables them to shoot well regardless of the length of pull.

    I have a compact 9mm/.40 S&W version. When I compared it side by side with my Glock 23, I found the size difference isn't as significant as I'd originally expected.
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    I carry a P250 on duty and love it. I have small hands with short fingers and got the short trigger. The DAO is butter smooth. For me, I have always shot
    external hammer guns better. It think it has something to do with having to stroke the trigger back at a smooth constant motion helps me keep a good steady grip and I get that suprise break and a good tight group.

    The trigger on a P250 does not stack or get harder near the end. Trigger reset is a non issue in my book. Under stress you aren't going to reset any trigger unless you fire hundreds or thousands of rounds a month. I noticed this about 5 years ago when I put on a combat course for my department.
    Especially with Glock shooters, when that timer sounded and that first round was fired from inside that car, it was fingers slapping triggers! Reset was out the window. I emphasize resetting the trigger at longer distances when one has time, distance,and opportunity and hopefully COVER.

    I started with a 92F, changed agencies and shot a .357 Magnum(not .357Sig) then back to an autoloader. That was in 1989.
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