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Thread: NYC Traffic enforcement agent exam

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    NYC Traffic enforcement agent exam

    Hey all im new to this forum this is my first post, Sorry if this question has been asked before but i would like to know how long it takes after you take the NYC traffic enforcement exam until you get a call. I already know the job gets criticized alot or what not but im still going to do it part-time while i get my 60 credits to become a Police officer (Im still 19). If I cant handle being a TEA then I should just give up on being a cop, I want to use that job to prepare myself and have 2 years of Police department experience under my belt by the time I hit 21 and become a cop (Even though the jobs are COMPLETELY different I know). Thank you all in advance for the response =)

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    You may be able to gain the information that you are seeking by contacting NYPD Recruiting.

    Either that or you could try posting in the New York section of the forums.
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    Like all other city exams, TEA can be processed very quickly or very slowly. Too many variables to say "six months" or "one year" or whatever. The best thing you can do is start getting together all the material your investigator will need (high school diploma, draft card, printout from DMV, etc.) and make sure to be on time for every appointment. I'm guessing that since the city is crying poverty at the moment, they might be pushing to hire more TEAs - TEAs generate an awful lot of revenue for the city. So you might be in luck, but who knows.

    I wouldn't knock a person who's 19 trying to do Traffic before trying to become a cop. You'll be padding your pension, and although what a TEA does is totally different from what cops do, it'll get you comfortable with wearing a uniform and dealing with a sometimes-angry public.
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    i took the walk in computer exam on February 4 this year. i just got a letter to show up at One Police Plaza next week today. This is me and I can not speak for anyone else. Hope it helps.

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