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  1. MPD Chief/ Mayor participate in "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"
  2. Software to shut down squad MDC at certain speed
  3. Orono PD
  4. Trooper indicted
  5. Post Study Guide
  6. Hours between shift
  7. Great Job Opportunity
  8. Break out the popcorn, this one will be good...
  9. Reciprocity to other states
  10. Minneapolis Hiring update
  11. Hennepinc County Sheriff's Detention Deputy
  12. Personal Cell Phone Use Vs Agency Issued
  13. Information on MN Departments
  14. hiring?
  15. License Plate Recognition System Question
  16. Police Officers Federation Of Minneapolis Endorses Governor Dayton
  17. Savage MN posting
  18. People Running Onto Football Field During An NFL Game
  19. Window tint law
  20. Transit PD posting - Full Time Police Officer for 2015
  21. Richfiled or Columbia Heights PD Process
  22. Looking for a job?
  23. MN Supreme Court Candidate-Valid DWI Defense?
  24. Saw my first Open Carry dummy
  25. The new generation of squads
  26. Rochester CSO
  27. Streicher's Days, August 13-16, 2014
  28. Crystal PD Process
  29. Mendota Heights Police Officer Shot, Killed During Traffic Stop
  30. Good place in MN to get a vest?
  31. Streicher's Days August 13-16, 2014
  32. Job Opening - Entry level - Get experience
  33. Ramsey County Correctional Officer
  34. Shakopee PAT
  35. second round interviews/command staff
  36. Silver Bay Police Department.......
  37. Carver County, New Hope CSO
  38. MSP hiring 2015
  39. PERA Retirements
  40. scott county
  41. Minneapolis Police Department Cadet June 2014 Posting
  42. Staffing levels
  43. Columbia Heights PD
  44. Blaine PD jumper call response
  45. Washington County Sheriff's Department
  46. Columbia Heights CSO
  47. State May End Second-Tier License For Part-Time Cops
  48. Job Tip For Minnesota Applicants
  49. Brooklyn Center PD
  50. Savage CSO
  51. Sherburne County LCO
  52. Out of state applicants
  53. 2014 USPCA National Detector Trials
  54. Minneapolis Police Cadet
  55. Norman County Deputy Shot
  56. 5.11 Days Annual Two Day Sale May 12th & 13th, 2014 Uniforms Unlimited
  57. Minneapolis DREs
  58. permit to carry
  59. Bill's Gun Shop Shooter Show
  60. Good departments to ride with
  61. McLeod ,Anoka, Rice County Sheriff's Department
  62. Rochester Police Officer Contact
  63. University Of Minnesota
  64. Winona County Sheriff's Office
  65. Minnesota Fugitives Escape Justice By Crossing State Lines
  66. Dakota County Sheriff
  67. Carver County
  68. Will Uniforms Unavailable stock this?
  69. Minneapolis Department of Veterans Affairs Police
  70. Your department's address on your driver's license?
  71. MSP Airport PD Police Officer Hiring Feb 2014
  72. Park Agent
  73. Opportunities to transition from Police Officer to Reserve or CSO???
  74. Who needs stop sticks?
  75. MyBCA LaunchPad/Next Test
  76. Something to consider
  77. Robbinsdale?
  78. Lawmakers Weigh Changes To Minnesota's Sex-Offender Program
  79. Minnetonka PD
  80. Capitol Security Panel Recommends Changes
  81. Rasmussen College Shows Off Its New Law Enforcement Training Facility
  82. Permit to Carry?
  83. MPLS Reserves
  84. An Open Letter to Post-SKILLS/POST Eligible New Applicants
  85. Minneapolis just posted
  86. Interesting Strib piece on police hiring.
  87. Support our troops plates
  88. Woodbury Process
  89. hennepin county
  90. Mayoral candidate robbed and beaten
  91. Note to Lakeville Cops: Dust off those tuning forks!
  92. Minneapolis Police Will No Longer Handle Own Misconduct Cases
  93. Plymouth
  94. Roseville PD Hiring Process 2013
  95. Job Posting - Police Chief - Airport PD
  96. Minnesota Supreme Court to Hear DWI Case Involving Domestic Abuse Victim
  97. COP CAMS: Minneapolis Votes To Outfit Police With Cameras
  98. SPPD Hiring Process 2013
  99. Ice Cleats for Boots
  100. Metro Transit Police Posting - December 2013. Full time only.
  101. Department of Commerce Insurance Fraud Division
  102. Minneapolis Police in Green Bay incident fired
  103. Is pay all that important?
  104. Duluth Police Officer Verdict
  105. Rifle School?
  106. St. Paul Police Shooting
  107. News for prospective MPD officers
  108. Rochester MN CSO
  109. Bloomington PD process 2013
  110. State v. Pike Question
  111. Edina Police
  112. State v. Brooks
  113. Airport CSO Posting Oct. 2013
  114. Dnr 2013
  115. Body cameras coming to MPD?
  116. Ramsey County Hiring
  117. 2013 COPS Grants
  118. POST Review Question
  119. Washington County Sheriff
  120. Free money for minor celebs
  121. Dodge County Sheriff's Office
  122. Firearms Training Simulator/ F.A.T.S. training
  123. PARA retirements
  124. Sppd
  125. Edina cops to avoid traffic stops in the heat per the Chief
  126. MN training opportunity-Patrol level trauma care
  127. savage pd hiring
  128. Metropolitan Airports Commission Public Safety Job Fair Saturday, September 7, 2013
  129. Dakota County Deputy Hiring Process
  130. Richfield hiring process
  131. Stearns County requiring warrants for DWI testing
  132. Street Survival Seminar In St. Paul, MN August 19-20, 2013
  133. Pre-Academy MN State Trooper Applicants
  134. Pocket statute guide
  135. Oral/Interview etiquette?
  136. 1st Amendment and cops
  137. mckneely
  138. Crystal PD
  139. What is cadet/police academy like for MSP?
  140. Bloomington area question
  141. Asking Passengers for Identification
  142. So you want to be a cop eh?
  143. Minnetonka PD
  144. View on MSP hiring tactics
  145. Driving Under the Influence of Khat
  146. Applications Open For State Patrol Summer Camp For Teens
  147. MSP hiring cadets
  148. Mesa, AZ PD Hiring
  149. MSP is hiring for 2014
  150. Non sworn position - application question
  151. Last shift
  152. Nunchucks
  153. Process
  154. Job opportunity
  155. Concealed Carry for Out of State LEO
  156. Rochester PD
  157. North Dakota Highway Patrol
  158. Recommendations for First Responder course
  159. Scott County
  160. POST Test Tips
  161. Two Officers Shot In Minneapolis, Motorcyclist Killed In Pursuit Of Suspect
  162. Tow for No Insurance
  163. MN TFOs
  164. Airport PD CSO Openings
  165. Minnesota Tabs for '14
  166. Supreme Court rules officers should get warrant for DWI blood draws
  167. Minneapolis PD is hiring CSOs
  168. Shocking news!
  169. CSO - Shakopee
  170. Good info to review...may save your life someday
  171. Can't make it up.
  172. Leather Luster
  173. Good Luck MPD Recruits
  174. Eligibility Reinstatement Exam
  175. Sworn Volunteer Positions
  176. 400 DWI St. Patrick Weekend
  177. Minnetrista PD
  178. Minnesota Department Of Human Services Fraud Unit
  179. Why doesn't LAPD or KCPD for example wear patches on shoulder?
  180. Rasmussen College grads?
  181. Hopkins PD Public Service Officer
  182. On-line Applications
  183. Dakota County Sheriff's Office - New Reserve Deputy Unit
  184. Changes to MN pension?
  185. Rasmussen College and Skills Testing
  186. Prayers to St. Paul PD for their loss today
  187. POST license insight
  188. Location, location, location: Tattoos disqualifying deputy candidates in Hennepin Co.
  189. Career Change?
  190. Metro Transit PD (Part-Time Officer Positions)
  191. Stillwater PD
  192. Suggestions For POST Approved School For My Son
  193. What Is The Longest Period of Time Of Anybody That Is POST Eligible?
  194. Tioga ND looking for K9 Officer
  195. Will 2013 Finally Be The Year That Minnesota Will Allow Sunday Liquor Sales?
  196. Carver County
  197. Uh, LEO's may want to read this...
  198. Need a job?
  199. VA Police Opening
  200. Minnesota Law Enforcement Agencies Merging Or Dissolving
  201. Could a promotion within Non-LEO employment effect LEO employment chances?
  202. Pine County Sheriff Responds to Second Amendment Freedoms
  203. State Patrol 2013 or 2014?
  204. Maple Grove Hiring
  205. Police Officer Opening
  206. Raw Video from SPPD Officer Involved Shooting
  207. Mounds View PD
  208. Looks like St. Paul City Council are jumping on the band wagon
  209. On-call security work
  210. Blue Lights In Minnesota
  211. Here we go...copycat DVS lawsuits
  212. New weapons ban? What does everyone think?
  213. Oak Park Heights PD
  214. Additional resources tonight?
  215. Don't Give Advice During the Implied Consent!!
  216. "Slain Cold Spring officer's partner backed away"
  217. West Hennepin Public Safety
  218. More Part-Time Hirings the New Trend?
  219. Metro Transit Police Posting - Decemeber 2012 - FT Officer & PT CSO.
  220. What states recognize mn POST?
  221. POST test
  222. Cold Spring Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty.
  223. Minneapolis Park Police
  224. Looking for State Patrol memorabilia (diecast)
  225. Minnesota Sex Offender Civil Commitment
  226. Wright County
  227. Annandale PD part time opening
  228. Confused
  229. What Places In Minnesota Are Routinely Outside With Long Weapons?
  230. Chisago County
  231. G4S Custom Protection Officer question?
  232. New Hope K9 Jack needs our help
  233. Can Taxpayers Afford Minnesota's Pension Plans?
  234. Ideas on how not to get a cop job..
  235. ORONO POLICE (part-time)
  236. Hiring Question: Twin Cities metro area departments prior drug use policies
  237. Roseville PD
  238. MSP Airport PD CSO openings
  239. POST certified hours
  240. Have ANY Minnesota Police Agencies Gone Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness?
  241. Is The Minnesota State Patrol The Only Agency In Minnesota With Badges On Pocket?
  242. Suprised this isnt up yet...
  243. Minnesota Public Employees That Are NOT Peace Officers Carrying A Firearm On Duty.
  244. Selecting A Minnesota Professional Peace Officer Education Program
  245. Study guide
  246. State Patrol taking apps this fall
  247. St. Louis Park Police Department
  248. Great job by theis Officer.. Its always great to put the wannabee lawyers in place!
  249. Wanted SFST Checklist
  250. Airport Police Posting - Sept 2012