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  1. Florida DOC Probation Officer
  2. How is the BAT graded!?
  3. BAT minimum for FHP?
  4. Mami PDS
  5. Chipola EOT
  6. Coral Gables Police.
  7. Orange County Sheriff Office Hiring Timeline
  8. HCSO SOT Class 28
  9. Academy at Daytona State College
  10. Active Military to Police Officer
  11. Recall Mayor Gimenez.
  12. Florida Fitness Standards
  13. How to become a cop in the state of florida
  14. Tampa Pd
  15. Correctional Probation Officer Questions
  16. Tattoos.
  17. Few questions on FHP Auxiliary
  18. Pembroke Pines April 2014 Non Cert Applicants
  19. CSX Special Agent Lakeland
  20. Any LEO's near the Gainesville area??
  21. Marlins Park
  22. Correction Probation Officer
  23. Marianna Police Department
  24. Miami dade college police academy
  25. FALL 2014 H.C.C. Hillsborough Community College P/T Law Enforcement Academy
  26. Visiting Miami for the first time
  27. Pbso
  28. Bso hiring
  29. Information on equivalency of training at Palm Beach college.
  30. Information on Equilvancy of training at Palm Beach college.
  31. Few questions on the FHP's TRC.
  32. Looking for some insight regarding different Florida Departments
  33. Just got offered a job?
  34. JSO Processing
  35. West Palm Beach PD
  36. Palm Bay police department
  37. Advice for a New Sergeant
  38. North Miami Police Department
  39. New Jersey to Florida - A Couple of Questions
  40. Soce
  41. What next? Looking for advice.
  42. Polk County EOT
  43. FHP Upcoming Pats
  44. CO to deputy
  45. Polk County Sheriff's Office
  46. Jacksonville Sheriff Corrections
  47. Miami dade college books?
  48. Chipola EOT
  49. How to remove or make personal information & public records confidential - for LEOS!
  50. First duty assignment?
  51. State Exam
  52. Anyone know if Hollywood is still hiring?
  53. Fwc hiring process ending 3/31/2014
  54. Saint Pete pd
  55. Riviera Beach PD
  56. Fort Lauderdale officers
  57. Can you be "dual" employed?
  58. Parking enforcement
  59. Lauderhill Police Department questions
  60. Winter park police is hiring
  61. Collier County Sheriff
  62. Destin, Ft Lauderdale Beach, Panama City area
  63. Anyone went through the academy in Florida, but got hired in another state?
  64. For you PBSO guys - is this really true?
  65. Miami Beach PD
  66. Who's hiring right now south florida...
  67. What can I do to prepare for a career in Law Enforcement, pre-academy?
  68. Police Oral Board Prep
  69. EMT Certified Police Officers
  70. Paging any Manatee Deputies
  71. Getting into an academy with a "marginal" psych eval...
  72. Santa Fe College/ Institute of Public Safety - Gainesville, Fl
  73. Psa
  74. Florida Departments that assist will applicants out of state... condensed tests
  75. City of Hollywood application and documentation
  76. British officer in Orlando - meet/swap stuff
  77. Tampa.....Pinellas County. ....St Pete
  78. North Miami Beach
  79. Tequesta PD military to main street program for veterans (paid academy, salary etc)
  80. Reserve
  81. Church run curfew centers
  82. Any agency having Patrol Rifle course anytime soon? need a seat
  83. 84 on CJBAT, too low?
  84. TABE study guide?
  85. Pinellas/St. Pete Folks
  86. FWC Taking Apps
  87. Florida pension for cops
  88. Firearms training for FHP
  89. pursuit policy in Florida
  90. Boca Raton PD hiring...
  91. Any thoughts --- Criminal Justice Institute Physical Agility Test
  92. What is the TABE Test ????
  93. Out of state applicant
  94. thoughts on Fort Lauderdale PD
  95. Ccso
  96. Manatee or Sarasota SO
  97. insurance question
  98. Ft. Lauderdale
  99. Tests
  100. FDLE Comparative Compliance Course ???
  101. Sarasota Police Dept.
  102. FHP Med DQ?
  103. **State Exam**
  104. Does anyone know when Sunrise or Pembroke Pines PD will be hiring?
  105. Tabe
  106. Fhp pat
  107. Tampa Police Department
  108. Security Positions / License to carry
  109. Miami Dade College Police Academy
  110. How long exactly is the FHP Academy for those already certified?
  111. Tips for F-Bat
  112. CJBAT vs F-Bat
  113. BSO hiring?
  114. state exam in Tallahassee
  115. College University Police
  116. Pinellas County Sheriff's Office-Hiring Out of State
  117. Certified out of state officer-need some help
  118. FWC Interview
  119. I'm down in Gainesville, Fl for certification course ......
  120. FHP Troopers: Initial Assignment?
  121. How are my chances of landing a Job.
  122. Drivers License Address
  123. Attending EOT class 1/15 in Gainesville ....... Anyone else ?
  124. Plantation PD
  125. Out of state self-sponsor
  126. Miami PAC #104
  127. Coral Springs Hiring process
  128. Texas to Florida
  129. Hillsborough County Sheriff Detention Deputy
  130. Rumors Within Miami Dade police (MDPD)
  131. Coral Gables PD
  132. Help with certified officer moving to florida
  133. Tampa PD Officers - questions from a possible lateral!
  134. Matt Miller Motor Skills Challenge
  135. Miami Police College PAC #104
  136. MDPD Lateral Class
  137. FHP rank & pay?
  138. MDPD Background Investigators
  139. realistic chances to be hired by FHP/Trooper
  140. realistic chances to be hired by FHP/Trooper
  141. Miami - Ride along for Australian officer
  142. Florida Parole Officer
  143. upcoming fwc academy
  144. Mdpd academy dec.9.2013
  145. FDLE Special Agent Minimum Qualifications
  146. Quick question regarding FDLE online training
  147. Hollywood area
  148. Free Officer Safety Training- Below 100
  149. Orlando PD Question
  150. Crime scene investigator requirements ?
  151. Next mdpd lateral class??
  152. Broward agility test
  153. Pat
  154. Replacing misplaced FDLE cert?
  155. FWC Final offer of Employment
  156. Miramar police department
  157. Tampa PD is Hiring
  158. Sarasota deputy accuses sergeant of ordering him to falsify search
  159. Color of auxiliary lamp?
  160. Need Some Info on Broward Departments
  161. Who in central Florida is hiring non-certified applicants?
  162. Miami Dade PD Orientation on Nov 21 2013
  163. Any former Federal Air Marshal's (FAM's) now working at a PD or SO in FL?
  164. anyone applied to miami gardens pd in oct. for non-certified?
  166. any @ miami dade police academy self sponsor college?
  167. PAT suggestions.
  168. City of Miami PD Applicants. October 2013.
  169. Auxiliary LE programs?
  170. Patch trade
  171. City of Miami PD Citizen Volunteer Program?
  172. PBSO Hiring Questions
  173. Question for Current Miami PD Officers
  174. St. Pete Police
  175. Having Problems Running, Need Help.
  176. MDC Shool Of Justice process
  177. Hillsborough county sheriff's department.
  178. Lee County Sheriff's Office
  179. St Lucie Sheriff Office.
  180. BAT Written Test
  181. Coming to Florida from Texas for an internship?
  182. Polygraph for TECO Police Academy
  183. Quick FTO question while a Reserve Officer.
  184. Australian Detective in Miami- Patch Trade
  185. registration sticker placement rules?
  186. How Did You Survive Financially Through Academy
  187. Physical exam
  188. Miami Police College Vs. Miami Dade College
  189. BSO/MDPD/Miami Gardens PD Survey Request for Research
  190. Question about Hiring Process.
  191. Firearms Training Simulator/ F.A.T.S. training
  192. Palm Beach County LEO Jobs
  193. Looking for direction
  194. Atlantic Police - South Florida Job Recruitment
  195. Tequesta Police hiring certified/non-certified
  196. Temporary gym in Panama City Beach
  197. City of Miami PD
  198. Current Navy Looking into north and Central FL PD's
  199. Florida Highway Patrol 128th plus
  200. Out of state applicants and MPD?
  201. Florida Statue vs Oridances
  202. BSO hired but no job?
  203. about Florida police departments
  204. Winter Haven PD
  205. FHP Application
  206. Miami dade college police academy december class?
  207. Are there any cities or unincorporated areas serviced by FHP?
  208. Fort Myers PD, anyone? looking for input
  209. Anti MPD video.
  210. Has anyone gone through the FHP transitional academy for currently certified LEO's?
  211. Miami Beach PD 2013 Job Posting.
  212. Fhp f-bat or cj-bat
  213. BSO controversy over outer-vests
  214. Tampa surrounding depts
  215. New gun store in South FLA - Sunrise Tactical
  216. Criminal Justice Academy at TECO
  217. Miccosukee Police.
  218. FHP Auxiliary.
  219. Self sponsored academy.
  220. Might be moving to Tampa area soon, need a few questions answered
  221. Miami Dade College Police Academy Process
  222. Need To Pass the State Of Florida LEO Exam.
  223. Report Writing Technique
  224. Just introducing myself
  225. Florida Statute Book
  226. Florida Statute regarding arrest reports for felony traffic
  227. Sarasota Sheriff
  228. Palm Beach State College
  229. HCSO hiring non certified timetable
  230. State Exam, 7/31/13
  231. Ft. Lauderdale non certified
  232. EOT Course at Miami Dade college
  233. For any agency background Investigation (Credit Check)
  234. Tampa Bay Sentinels end of the year/recruitment party
  235. Chances of getting hired at SPPD or HCSO???
  236. St Petersburg PD/ HCSO Getting Hired???
  237. BSO Hiring Freeze
  238. leaving animal inside non-running car
  239. Miami PD Take home car polcy
  240. Looking for LE Sniper school
  241. Key West PD hiring
  242. Police dog exemption from dog free buildings, communities etc
  243. Orange County SO take home car policy.
  244. Any New York P.O that Transfered To FL?
  245. MDPD facebook recruit post.
  246. Tampa Bay Sentinels-public safety football team looking for players.
  247. Psychological evaluation for PBSC police academy.
  248. Orlando PD
  249. Ca->fl
  250. Palm Beach School District Police Now Hiring