View Full Version : Avoiding retaliation?

Jane Q Public
08-17-2008, 07:59 PM
After something happened w/ the neighbor's dog today, several of us were back there talking, and when we combined all the bits and pieces that each of us knew, what comes together is a picture of animal neglect, possibly to the degree of criminal neglect (I don't know, and can't seem to find NYS law on the subject). Whilst I don't have a problem calling it in, I am concerned that we'd be subject to retaliation. Past experience suggests that even if a different neighbor called in, we'd still be the ones who get hit by acts of retaliation.

I'm concerned by potential for property damage type retaliation (a previous neighbor threw bricks through our car window because they thought we'd reported them for the unregistered car in their driveway that code enforcement tagged them for) as well as potential threats to our own dog. Is there any way to minimize risk of being retaliated against, or other tips on managing the risk (mostly to the dog, because property cleans up/gets replaced and insurance will pay for that)?

If you want to know specifics re: the condition of the other dog, I'll answer in PMs.

08-18-2008, 12:44 AM
Get a video surveilence system (they're pretty cheap) then call it in.

You can't avoid retaliation, but you can re-retaliate.