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01-07-2001, 08:27 PM
-What is your department procedure as far as commendation bars and rank insignia?
-Where are the pins to be placed?
-Sergeant chevrons are to be placed one inch out and an inch from each side, correct?

01-07-2001, 08:34 PM
Our Sgt's have sewn on stripes on the sleeve, and Lt's and above have rank insignia on the epaulets. Our agency pins go on the collar. Short sleeve or long sleeve with turtleneck, the insignia lines up on the bottom seam of the collar, centered. Long sleeve with tie, the top of the insignia follows the top of the collar, also centered.

Name tag, centered above the right pocket. Additional pins, such as motor wings, FTO, etc. centered above that. Commendation bars are centered on the left pocket flap, under the badge. That's us, and no one ever accused us of being conformists.

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01-07-2001, 08:54 PM
Department initials for deputies, Chevrons for sgts; name tags and serving since pin. Badge. Other than that, the only authorized item is an EMT pin for qualified personnel and the ASP instructor pin.

Dave T
01-09-2001, 07:38 PM

I will provide you my department information (Durham NC) as per General Order 3002 - Uniform Dress Code.

Rank Designation:

Master Patrol Officer: Chevron consisting of One Stripe and One Rocker

Corporal: Chevron Consisting of two stripes

Sergeant: Chevron Consisting of three stripes

Location: Chevron to be worn on long-sleeve shirt and winter jacket only. The chevron is to be centered on both sleeves, three-quarters of an inch below and centered on the shoulder patch.

Collar Insignias

For above ranks; will be worn on the collar of the short-sleeve only, placed vertically, with the single point up and the center of the insignia on a line bisecting the angle of the point of the collar, the lower outside edge being equally spaced one-half inch from either side of the collar.

Lieutenant, Captain, and Major: L = one bar, C= two bars, M = gold oak cluster; centered on each collar approximately one and one-half inch from the collar point toward the bottom of the neck seam, with the insignias bottom edge one-half inch from the bottom of the collar.

Years of Service Designation: Hashmarks for line officers through the rank of sergeant. Each hashmark will represent three completed years of full-time law enforcement service. Are to be worn on long-sleeve shirt and winter jacket only. Stripe is affixed at an angle so that a vertical line will be created between the center of the stripe and the center of the epaulet. Lower edge of the stripe is to be one-half inch above the cuff seam on the shirt or two and one-half inches above the bottom of the sleeve of the winter jacket.

Years of service for ranks of Leut. and above are designated by stars. Each star represents five years completed service as a law enforcement officer.

Shirt Accessories

Group I (one only)
Fratenal Order of Police
North State Pin
Governor's 20
Accreditation Pin

Group II (one only)
Marksmanship Pin

Group III Commendation Awards/ Department Ribbons

Types (by order of precedence)
Medal of Valor
Certificate of Merit
Purple Heart
Officer of the Year
Community Service Award
Educational Achievement
Advanced Certification
Good Conduct
Life Saving
Police Shield
Tactical Squad
Honor Guard

Ribbons are to worn in the proper order of precedence. Ribbons are arranged from the wearers right to left and from top to bottom.

If three ribbons are worn, the wearer is to wear a two-bar holder placing one ribbon above centered on the bottom two.

Shirt Accessories - Right Side
Name Plate - 1/16 inch below top edge of right pocket - centered right to left.

Group III ribbons are centered above the right pocket 1/16 above the top seam of the pocket.

Group II pin spaced 1/16 inch above the top of any Group III ribbons worn - centered above right pocket

Group 1 pin spaced 1/16 inch above any Group II pins worn - centered above right pocket

If any additional information is required please feel free to e-mail me and I can fax or e-mail info as required. I hope this was helpful.

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01-11-2001, 09:25 AM
The insignia's in my department is:-
Recruit :- Blue peak-cap, Khaki trousers and shirt, with white-belt and black boots. The words "K.A.P" on the shoulder straps. Sergeant's chevrons (three) on both sleeves.

Armed Reserve Constable:- Blue peak-cap, Khaki trousers and shirt, with brown - leather belt and black boots. The words "K.P" on the shoulder straps. Sergeant's chevrons (three) on both sleeves.

Police Constable (town, city): - Blue peak-cap with a yellow band, Khaki trousers and shirt, with black leather belt and black boots. The words "K.P" on the shoulder straps. Sergeant's chevrons (three) on both sleeves.

Asst. SI to CI :- Khaki Peak Cap, Trousers and shirts, brown leather belt and brown boots. The letters "K.P" on the shoulder strap, above it a "red&blue" sub-ordination ribbon. Above the ribbon,1 Star for Asst.SI, 2 stars for Sub-Inspector, 3 Stars for Inspector.

Deputy Supdt. upto Dir. General of Police :-
Khaki Peak Cap, Trousers and shirts, brown leather belt and brown boots. 3 Stars for Dy.SP. Various combination of stars and Indian National emblem for officers above that. The words K.P.S for a Dy.S.P, and words I.P.S for all officers above that, on the shoulder straps.

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