View Full Version : Any Info On LVMPD corrections OR NLVPD corrections

11-09-2008, 11:43 PM
My name is Alex and i was wondering if i can ask anyone a few questions?

I am going to retired in 2010 sometime in october.
I will have just turn 40 years old.
I was hoping you guys have some information on LVMPD corrections.
My questions are:

The pay is excellent but i was told that the cost of living is real high so i won't be pocketing all that money. Is it true?

My second Question How long is probation?

Is there any cert teams there and is there a age requirement?

If i retire in October of 2010 I should take the first test at the end of 2009 or the least spring of 2010? Sounds like the process is takes a year before your hired?

Do they give Veteran Points?

Do you know if they will be hiring in 2010? (LVMPD corrections OR NLVPD corrections)

And how many years do you have to wait till you can apply for sargent?( Do they have a union?)

How's the unity among the correction officers?

And Last do you Have any infor on North Las Vegas Corrections?

Sorry i'm asking so much, i hope you can answer some of these questions.
Any Answers to these question will greatly be apperciated.
thank you

State of Connecticut
Department of Corrections